With experience of over 3 decades, the management of Urmatt Ltd. has incredible experience in the agricultural industry. In that time we have transitioned to 100% organic operations, impacted thousands of farmers with our partnerships, become a regional leader in environmental stewardship, and grown to become the largest producer of organic jasmine rice in the world.

Urmatt has been active in impactful organic agriculture since 1982
It all began here:
An inaccessible part of Thailand's Golden Triangle
—no roads.

Organic Rice

Grown in the lush, pristine hills of Northern Thailand in Chiangrai Province–the Golden Triangle–Urmatt rice is cultivated in natural and organic farms where clean mountain water ensures the healthy growth of some of the most delicious and aromatic rice in the world.

With our disciplined control and maintenance of strict organic operations, Urmatt’s organic rice ripens to maturity the way nature intended it to. With over 3 decades of experience in rice farming, we have struck a balance with nature that allows is to bring you these delicately grown, naturally raised grains.

Our dedication to preserving our environment allows is to bring you this amazing, delicious, and safe naturally produced Organic Rice

Our organic status meets stringent E.U. and U.S.A. standards for Organic Farming.
As the largest Organic Jasmine Rice producer in the world, Urmatt has received critical acclaim for its beautiful high-quality rice and bold ethical farming models. Grown in partnerships with rural farmers of Northern Thailand, our rice is authentically grown in its ideal environment.
Arvind Narula

“At Urmatt, we strive to envision a better world and take part in making it happen. Our projects are fully integrated, controlling everything from the seed to the shipment. We continue making our agricultural projects more environmentally friendly, helping more culturally indigenous and economically impoverished farmers, and innovating new products with health and nutrition at their core.”